Speciality Consultation

High Angle Access and Safety

Speciality Access with 100% Tie-Off Work from the Catwalks in one of the Arena’s we serve. The need for additional lighting arose, we arranged to mount the cross beams for the lighting without the need for expensive scaffolding, and we were able to maintain OSHA pleasing 100% Tie-off Standards.
Just a few of the places our services could be of value. Be sure to consider fall recovery. Suspension Trauma can kill in as little as 20 minutes! Notice bottom center. Worker saved by harness and lanyard, but why expose another person to the vertical environment. We have developed ways to avoid committing another person to hanging in mid air. Sharp metal edges, and other hazards are always present. Please give me a call and we can discuss ways to assist you with your High Angle needs. Douglas Hansen 801-664-3797