University of Utah – Emergency Programs ♦ “The Wilderness Medicine Conference was a success. Only because of presenters like yourself. I appreciate your time and talents as teachers. You work very hard for your practical presentations. The participants had very positive comments. Thank you again. Dawn Black – UU Emergency Programs

Wildness Medicine Conference Univ. of Utah

PULS Elektronik – Austria ♦ “Your article about avalanches in the edition of “Emergency”. I have now read very carefully and must say that in my opinion, you have not only very well described the avalanche situation and the use of avalanche beacons but also the whole background of the problem. Since we keep getting inquiries from people all over the world, I would like to supply them with profound information. Your article would be a very good example of this kind of information I have in mind. Therefore, I would like to ask for your permission to use this article for this purpose.” Dr. Hartwig STrobl, PULS Elektronik, Austria

Dividing up search area segments and Determining POA’s and dividing up our teams and resources

Republica De Venezuela ♦ “On behalf of the Venezuelan Government, especially the Civil Defense of the State of Merida, we would like to thank the assistance given by Douglas Hansen, to support the search for two College students, lost in the area of “La Culata”, 20 miles North East of Merida City, Merida State, Venezuela, 14,000 feet above sea level. The support given by the Rocky Mountain Rescue Dogs and Doug Hansen allowed us to establish a specific are for the Venezuelan search teams to continue the “Pan de Azucar” operation.” Dr. Silvio Pena, Coordinator Pan de Azucar Operation

Unit One, Inc ♦ “The producer came to Los Angeles last week and told us that they had received an award for one of the best commercials in Japan. Thank you for the brave and perfect job!” Izumi Shitoma, Unit One Productions

Independence Mining Company, Inc. ♦ “Mr. Hansen was able to assess the level of our group’s training and enhance our program. He provided opportunities for our inexperienced personnel to attempt the seemingly impossible with confidence and trust in not only his (Doug’s) abilities but on their own. Mr. Hansen’s experience and communication techniques encouraged all members to participate, reaching new levels of personal achievement. We are grateful to Mr. Hansen and High Angle Technologies, Inc. for their contributions to our program and look forward to a long association with Mr. Hansen and his group. “Mr. Wes White -Team Training Coordinator”

Magleby Construction ♦ “With your training and equipment the job was performed flawlessly. Todd Christensen, Project Manager

Provo Police Department ♦ “We would like to express our appreciation for your association with the Provo Mountain Rescue Team. We appreciate the time that you and your employees have spent with us. Over the years, we have come to depend on your advice and counsel. First and foremost, you have provided us with up-to-date training. Our requirements to perform high angle rescues necessitate very special and competent training. The training that you and your staff have provided has been of the most professional. You have helped to improve our confidence in our skills. Secondly, we appreciate your knowledge and advice on upgrading our equipment. You have helped keep us current on the latest changes and helped our Mt. Rescue Team prioritize our needs. This has been especially important to our budget. We look forward to many years of continued association.” V. Stan Eggen, Team Leader and 10 members of the Mt. Rescue Team

United States Steel Safety Department ♦ “Douglas is a professional in every sense of the word. He continually works for self-improvement and has always been willing to share his knowledge to improve the services of our department. Doug has the ability to take charge in a crisis and the maturity to anticipate potential problems.” Paul J. Fesler, United States Steel Safety Department Supervisor

Summit County Sheriff ♦ “We would like to thank you for your efforts and your willingness to come to our County and teach such a fine High Angle Rescue School. All sixteen students that attended the class were impressed by your knowledge and ability to present such beneficial information to our Team. All of the students have stated that they are looking forward to your return next year for the next level of Rope Rescue Technician. We also think that you are one that believes in instructing students not only for the sake of instructing but honestly teaching. We have seen other instructors that once they are through the curriculum they are finished instructing. However, the time that you spent making sure that each one of our Team members understood and performed everything correctly leads us to believe that you are truly a Master in the field of High Angle Rescue.” Billy Stokes, Commander Summit County Search, and Rescue Jim Fowers, Deputy Team Leader

S.E.T.E – Societe d’Etudes Techniques et d’Environnement ♦ “I know Doug Hansen for several years and we have worked together on projects concerning natural hazards. The reliability and the very well done work have always satisfied the clients. Doug Hansen is a very skilled high angle engineer and understands the natural processes as well as hazard control. I feel confident about recommending him to oversee, design, engineer, appraise, natural hazards, and to work in a high angle environment. He and his crew are working with respect to the safety rules. He possesses complete control of high angle technologies. It is my pleasure to recommend him for employment, to do work designing, directing, engineering and completing studies and safety hazards reports.” Guenael Lucus, Senior Geologist, SETI, Villeurbanne, le

Climbing a peak in the Tetons for a Pizza Hut Commercial (I am the Monk having climbed to the top of a mountain to yell, “Now that’s a Pizza!!)l

Wasatch-Cache National Forest – Salt Lake Ranger District ♦ “It is always a pleasure to be with you in the outdoors. As an outdoorsman and mountaineer, you possess a lot of wisdom and expertise to share. Your climbing, mountaineering and avalanche school and seminars are a real benefit for the surrounding communities as they will serve to raise the level of awareness and safety of the backcountry user. Your students also learn a sense of personal stewardship in caring for the land, which is extremely important during present times and for future generations to learn and accept. I have appreciated your expertise when consulting with you about mountain search and rescue and mountaineering and climbing gear. It has been very informative sharing knowledge with you about backcountry avalanche awareness, mountain weather, avalanche forecasting and avalanche related search and rescue.” Albert J Soucie, Jr. ____________________________