Increase Your Profits, “SAFETY ROI’s”

It is true, research and study has revealed that for every dollar invested in safety, there is and Return On Investment (ROI) of anywhere from four dollars to thirty-nine dollars for every dollar invested in safety.  Plus you can sleep better knowing you are doing things to keep your team, you most valuable asset in your business, safe in a low risk environment.

There is a Return On Investment (ROI) of between $4.00 to $39.00 for each dollar invested in safety.

Falls are a major killer, but there are many many more other types of injuries that can maim, disable, or worse.  Understanding safety is something that should be taught in school as part of the standard graduating assortment.

You may have noticed I crossed out the word safe.  The reason I did this is because we no longer label areas as safe or unsafe, because there is no such thing as safe.  Also, when we tell someone it is safe, they relax and let their guard down.  “Why not, it is safe?”

I have spent the last forty years studying risk, and safety and have come up with an approach to safety that is much different than the traditional approach.  After attending my 90  minute training on safety that applies to “all” endeavors, I believe you will agree.

Below I have put together the two components that are needed to create an accident.  Remove one or the other, and it is no longer a hazard.  By working with the two components we can create an environment that is low risk.

This system deals with all safety scenarios. After the training, the attending professional will be in a position to better evaluate almost any work or recreational evironment

A New Safety Paradigm –

June 21, 2018

Subject:                                     A New Safety Paradigm, and much more.

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Please find attached a brochure about some of our services.  I believe there are a number of benefits our training will provide, many of them above and beyond improving the safety situation.

What is unique about this training? The tangible and the internal nature of these risk evaluation skills make this training more useful and potentially lifesaving, than book knowledge alone.

The “Situational Awareness and Risk Exposure Awareness Training/Certification” is a great place to start.  Price is only *$50 per attending professional, which includes wall certificate (Wall frames available).

This training is a must for “ANY” person who’s interests, or profession, requires them to work in an area of elevated risk.  Our training changes the “Safety Paradigm.”  Traditionally, trainers attempt to point out “what is safe.”   That is a very difficult task, because there is no such thing as safe–only situations of more or less risk exposure.

In our training we teach the principles and skills to recognize dangerous situations, rather than trying to point out “what is safe?”    Then we teach the attending professional how-to evaluate the amount of risk, or danger, they are exposed to.  Then we teach them how to minimize and reduce these risks to an acceptable level of risk exposure.

We offer three levels of training: Awareness, Technician, and Supervisor or Master

Three Levels of Training

 Awareness Level (ALT&C): The awareness level of training is a block of training designed to introduce and communicate many of the principles and concepts associated with working in elevated risk environments, such as confined spaces, work at height, technicalrescue, fire fighting, Public Safety (Police) Professionals, Paramedics, Pilots, etc. This is great for administrative supervisors, media, and other professionals wanting to learn more about advanced safety and risk mitigation skills. The attending professional receives an OSHA, MSHA, NIOSH, etc. accepted certificate.

 Technician Level (TLT&C): Designed to pick up where the “Awareness Level,” finished up. It helps to internalize the skills and concepts introduced in the prior ALT&C course. Specific skills associated with the various disciplines are taught, preprogramming skills, basic development and use of SOG’s and SOP’s, and . . .

Upon successful completion of this training the attending professionalwill be able to apply these advanced skills; and will receive a certificate of successful completion, which is accepted by OSHA, MSHA, NIOSH, . . .etc.

Supervisor Level (SLT&C): This is a lead role, where extensive knowledge and experience comes together, to build  “the pure gold of knowledge